What to see in Krakow in 2023?

by John Doe

We begin our adventure in the mythical city of dragons, Krakow, as we told you in our initial post, our mission is that you immediately enjoy your destination, so we are not going to gut you all the history of the city but we are going to provide the keys to get you going the second you set foot in the airport, let's start!

Some preliminary considerations 

  • The currency is the Polish Sloti PLN, currently each euro is quoted at 4.55 PLN approximately which implies prices generally somewhat lower than the European average, we recommend using services such as Revolut with which you get a real exchange rate using your mobile card (NFC) to pay, you can create in a few minutes an account.
  • In case you want to change in cash you can find the Kantor establishments, in the center you have this one or this one or even this one that have an exchange rate quite close to the real one.
  • The language is Polish, famously difficult to learn (not impossible), but fortunately English is not a problem in large cities like Krakow.

  • The sockets for your cell phone chargers are the same throughout the European area, type C and E.

Krakow card

Suppose you do not want to worry about getting all the transport tickets and tickets to almost all the city museums, we recommend you get a Krakow Card. In that case, it will give you unlimited access to public transport and more than 40 museums in the city for 1, 2 or 3 days.



Krakow transports

All Krakow bus and streetcar schedules available in several languages can be found here and the fares for all of them in an image that you can save in your cell phone here.

We generally recommend the use of Google Maps to move quickly as it will always locate the nearest bus stop and bus from where you are to the point of your interest.

autobus de cracovia

John Paul II International Airport Cracow-Balice

To get to the airport we have several transportation options, we will quickly list all the methods available to you to get to the city center:

  • Bus

    • Line 208: 45 min trip, departure every hour, destination Krakow Central Railway Station.
    • Line 252: every 20 minutes, destination Kraków Congress Center ICE, 15 minutes from Kraków Castle.
    • Line 902: nightly from 23:30 to 05:00, destination Train Station (Kraków Glówny).
  • Train

    Every 30 minutes from the airport, destination Kraków Glówny (central train station) in about 20 minutes.

  • Transfer

    The most comfortable way to get to your accommodation without worries, there will be a driver waiting for you with a sign and your name, you can book one right away with us from here.
  • Rent a car

You have available a wide range of the most known companies at the airport itself, you can get your car right away with us from here.

Free tours in Krakow 

Our first recommendation is to let yourself go through the streets of Krakow with an expert guide in the place, soaking us with the history and anecdotes of the place perfectly explained.

Despite being called "free tour", it is usual to contribute a small amount at the end of it on a voluntary basis, although we advance, it is well worth it for the spectacular work they do.

Places to see in Krakow in one day 

Whether with a free tour or independently, we show you the following must-see places:

- Market Square 

It will probably be your first stop, the Rynek Glówny (Market Square) is the heart of the Stare Miasto (Old Town), a spectacular medieval square with all kinds of activity, restaurants or souvenirs. Within it we have the Basilica of St. Mary, the Sukiennice (Cloth Exchange), the church of St. Adalbert, the Old Town Hall Tower and the statue of the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz.

Plaza del mercado de Cracovia

- Basilica de Santa Maria 

Dating back to the 14th century, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Krakow, besides having priceless views of the city in its highest tower, after 239 steps, try to make it coincide with the hourly departure of the "Hejnał mariacki", we will not ruin your surprise!

- Tower of the Old City Hall 

This 14th century Gothic style tower is preserved and will allow you to access more modest views of the city while enjoying the unique clockwork that it contains and that gave it its function.

- Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz) 

The Jewish quarter or Kazimierz, is the neighborhood of the fourteenth century World Heritage Site with more atmosphere of the city, here you can visit synagogues such as "Remuh", Nowy Square, Szeroka Street and the Basilica of Corpus Christi. It was the protagonist of the film "Schindler's List" set in the Second World War.

- Wawel Castle ?

The Wawel Castle is one of the jewels in Krakow's crown. It is located on the Wawel Hill where it is guarded by its "dragon" next to the Vistula River. We recommend you be attentive when entering, at least 5 min.

castillo de wawel

- St. Florian's Gate 

One of the ancient gates guarded the old town and the 13th century walls of which only parts remain.

puerta de san florian

- The Barbican 

Past the previous gate you find the Barbican, an ancient defensive entrance with a huge moat to repel the attacks of the Ottomans and from which up to 130 archers were able to shoot their arrows.

- Podgorze Neighborhood

It is the neighborhood where Jews were interned in the Second World War, the Eagle pharmacy, the monument of the 70 chairs in Bohaterów Square and finally the Schindler factory are essential that you should not miss to feel that its inhabitants lived.

- Schindler factory 

It deserves a separate section this factory starring in the movie "Schindler's List", where the German Oskar Schindler saved countless Jewish lives during the Second World War and we strongly recommend you to visit.

fabrica schindler

- Planty 

After a lot of excitement you can relax by strolling through Planty Park, a place for rest and reflection surrounding Stare Miasto.


It should take you at least 1 day to visit these places of the city in a relaxed way giving you time to enjoy the sunset and then go out to the unique night atmosphere of Stare Miasto enjoying its restaurants and leisure.

Essential excursions 

Once you have enjoyed the city it is highly recommended to visit other must-see sites on the outskirts of the city, usually it will take you several hours so we recommend you spend at least half a day in each one:

- Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp

An essential place to become aware of the barbarism of the Second World War, this is the Nazi concentration camp where more than 1 million people were killed between 1940 and 1945, the guides of the place will introduce you to its facilities and stories with the utmost respect.

entrada a auschwitz


- Wieliczka Salt Mines 

One of the wonders of Poland, World Heritage of Humanity, are the Wieliczka Salt Mines, with more than 3km long, 300 meters deep and countless halls, tunnels and galleries.

minas wielicza


- Zakopane and the Tatras Mountains 

A must-see excursion in this dream town located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains at 2500 meters above sea level, here you can enjoy its picturesque atmosphere, buy a traditional axe (Ciupaga), go by cable car or hiking tours.

montañas tatras y zakopane


Local products from Poland

A trip is not complete if you don't taste or take a little piece of your destination, we have it all thought out so you don't have to worry about it.

Lokalic wants to promote the local product so you can take home complete packages for your family and friends to enjoy the local gastronomy, we have them from the smallest to the biggest around here.

productos locales

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