Kabanos sausages 3 Ziarna WEGE 90g

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Just the way you like it, but Rośl-Inne.

New flavour of RośL-INNY sausages is a perfect snack for lovers of crunchy and crunchy products and Tarczynski Kabanos Rośl-Inne 3 ZiarnTarczyński Kabanos Rośl-Inne 3 ZiarnTarczyński Kabanos Rośl-Inne 3 Ziarn. The sausages have been enriched with 3 SUPERFOOD grains, which play an important role in vegan diets.

For whom.

For those who are looking for variety in their everyday diet, but find it hard to give up characteristic meat taste. Especially for them we have created the PLANT-INNE line based entirely on plant ingredients. Thanks to our experience in composing Poles' favorite snacks, we have created unique products that have a characteristic meat texture and unique flavor.

Product Description:

The perfectly composed composition gives our kabanos a characteristic texture and a unique smoky taste. No cholesterol, no GMO, no preservatives.

Prepared with 100% vegetable ingredients based on soy protein.

Information for allergy sufferers:

May contain : Milk, nuts, celery

Does not contain : Gluten.

Storage :

Store at a temperature between +2°C and +25°C. After opening, consume within 2 days.