Kiełbasa Krakowska Sucha z Szynki

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Sausage Krakowska Sucha z Ham Extra

Sausages in the Extra line are prepared based on family recipes. They are made using top quality ham meat and a carefully selected blend of seasonings. It is the favourite choice of lovers of the traditional formula of heavily dried, exceptionally tender, aromatic sausages.

Product description:

High protein content, 130 g of meat per 100 g of product, no added glutamates, phosphates, store outside the refrigerator.

Information for allergy sufferers:

May contain: celery, milk, mustard, nuts, soy

Does not contain: gluten


Store at a temperature between +2°C and +25°C. After opening, consume within 2 days. The formation of white tarnish is a natural process and has no negative influence on product quality.