Wawel Tiki Taki 360g Filled chocolates coconut and nut

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A truly legendary flavour. Cult chocolates with characteristic large form and shape. Excellent layered combination of nut cream (56% of product weight) and coconut chips. This exotic combination gives the whole composition unimaginable depth. The whole is wrapped in Wawel excellent dessert chocolate. Chocolates in the form of an elegant box of chocolates 430g will be perfect as a gift or as an element of sweet treat on every table. Does not contain added preservatives, colourings and artificial flavours. Contains lecithin from certified soya beans (GMO-free).


Chocolate 44 % [sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa fat, vegetable fat (shea), emulsifier: lecithins (from sunflower)].
vegetable fat (palm, coconut)
peanuts 11,3 >#/p##
skimmed milk powder
coconut 6,1 >#/p##
Emulsifier: lecithins (from sunflower)
Chocolate: cocoa mass at least 43 >#/p##
Chocolate contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter

Allergenic information 
This product may contain nuts, sesame seeds, wheat, soya and egg.